Silicone Spray and Release Agent

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  • Silicone-Spray-and-Release-Agent
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Silicone Release Spray may be used in many industrial processes.

Molders: Universal release agent recommended for injection, RIM, rotational molders, extruders and vacuum formers. Helps fight rust and prevents adhesion of sticky materials on tools and equipment. Heat Sealing and Packaging Equipment: Prevents cellophane, paper pliofil, polyethylene, vinyl, wax and other materials from building up on metals. Eliminates carbon build-up on bag sealers, hand irons, hot plates, and automatic heat-sealing equipment. Textile, Garment, Upholstery, and Shoe Industry: Prevents build-up on sewing machines, cutting table and dies. Prevents bunching of fabric during sewing or cutting. Use on hand irons and other pressing equipment. Spray on edge trimmer shields, heal molds, box type skiver machines, etc.
Furniture: Stops the adhesion of urethane foam backings, foam rubber and other rough materials to metal, wood or rubber. Paper, Film, and Foil Converters, Printers and Book Binders: Prevents rust and glue adhesion on paper cutters, drills, dies, saws, etc.
Processing Lines: Eliminates build-up on mandrels, transfer chutes and guide rails on paper carton machines. Use on other processing equipment, conveyors etc., where sticking is a problem. Minimizes clean up time. For nonmetallic substrates, testing of production parts in typical operating environments for compatibility is recommended.


Shake well before using. Clean object or surface thoroughly. Point valve toward surface and spray from a distance of 8 to 12 inches. Only a thin film is required.
Avoid over spraying.

Product Features:

  •  Non-staining dry lubricant
  •  No grease or oil residue
  •  Corrosion inhibitor - protects and preserves equipment
  •  Saves time, labor and facilitates cleaning
  •  Speeds cutting, sewing and embroidery
  •  Safe on all fabrics
  •  Long lasting application


  •  Sewing
  •  Screen Printing
  •  Embroidery
  •  Upholstery
  •  Automotive
  •  Hardware and industrial maintenance

Other Product Notes:

  • Bilingual label
  • 24 hour Emergency Number
  • High silicone content
  • No product lubricant better than S27

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