Pl Clear Base Plastisol Ink

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Used to improve elasticity in plastisol inks

Pl Clear Base is phthalate FREE finished ink used to achieve an elastic, soft touching and opaque white covering effect in textile printing with a perfect balance of white color, creaminess, and opacity for the best press performance and color design. It can be printed on cotton and cotton – polyester blend (up to 50%-50%) fabrics. If cured correctly as advised, the dry-wet rubbing and washing fastness are high.



Appearance : Clear Ink

Odour : Slight

Density : 1,47 g/cm³ (26 °C)

Viscosity : [(25 °C) sp: 7, rpm: 2 Brookfield ] : 1.900.000 – 2.000.000 [mPa.s]



Printing : In order to have more covering, whiteness and elasticity in the print of Pl Clear Base double print is advised with flash cure. Pl Clear Base is used as a base printing base with the printings of PL series colours.

Screen : Silk screens that are made of 77 mesh 48 micron silk - 90 mesh 40 micron silk or 120 mesh 34 micron silk should be used.

Squeegee : 67 – 77 Metric / 60 - 90 US Shore V type squeegee should be used.

Mixture : In need of improving elasticity of Pl Clear Base, PL ULTRA ELASTIC BASE can be added. Pl Clear Base can be mixed with PL series colours. To reduce the viscosity, PL Regulator can be added (1-3 %) into PL Clear Base. Before use, please stir the ink well. Do not use any additives that are not advised. After using, the screen should be cleaned with the synthetic thinner.

Curing : Should be cured at 160 °C for 1,5 – 2 minutes. Metric

             Should be cured at 320 °F for 1.5 - 2 minutes. US



Printing should be done in ventilated places not to have inhalation problems. It does not harm the skin in case of contact. You should seek medical assistance in case of contact with organs like eyes and mouth. Keep containers dry and tightly closed. Store in a ventilated place between (+5)-(+30) °C of temperature. It should be consumed within 12 months after the production date.

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