Electrostatic Flocking Gun

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This E-Flocker makes it easy to add tightly-registered multicolor flocking capability to automatic screen printing carousels.

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The CP-70 is an excellent electrostatic flocking tool, and can operate from any electrical outlet or this unit needs only 3 single cell 1.5 volt batteries to do the job. this machine is made in Germany, The unit has a built-in generator which produces the necessary voltage and also comes with a power converter that can set voltage from 40 to 70 KV simply by turning a dial.

Three sizes of applicator cups are included with the unit. These make it possible to electrostatically flock almost any size surface and get professional results. The CP70 Flock Applicator is completely safe despite the high voltage output, because the maximum current amounts to only 0.15 milliamps.

Features and Benefits

  • Power
  • Convenience
  • Versatility

This short video will demonstrate now simple it is make multicolor flock using a Screen for mute color production. You will see proper adhesives you can use plastisol and water based adhesives proper set up of Mini Flocker CP70. The proper grounding your flocking equipment needs and most important the right flock for best results use D3 flocks, also keep in mind than D3 Products as wholesale supplier could negotiate the final price of the product

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