Wet on Wet White Screen Printing Ink

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Awesome water base prints with no clogging screens.

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If you think the wet on wet technique only works over light color garments you are wrong. With this awesome Hybrid WT White ink you are able to print over ANY color using the wet on wet technique. Printing wet on wet doesn't only keep your pallet cool because you don't flash between prints, but you also skipping that needs to flash your area to increase your shop's productivity.

 Technical Details :

Appearance : Paste

Odor : Charateristic

Color : White

Viscosity : [Brookfield ] : 90.000 - 110.000 [mPa.s]

Density : 1,32 g/cm³ (25 °C/77˚F)

pH : 7.5 – 8.5

Boiling Point : >212°F

Solubility : Soluble in water

(Standards: for fastness tests - ISO 105-X10: 1993 / ISO 105-D01:2010 / ISO 105-B02:2013)



Hybrid LM White has been manufactured for elastic and proper surface printings. Before use, please stir the product well. Do not use any additives that are not advised. After using, the silk-screen should be cleaned with water.

Usage :

It provides to print with the silk-screen that are made between 43-77 mesh. It can be mixed with Hybrid LM Clear Base in any ratio.



It does not contain harmful substances for inhalation and skin when used. However in case of contact to sensitive organs, such as eyes or mouth wash with plenty of water. If necessary, medical assistance is advised.

Keep containers dry and tightly closed. Store in a ventilated place between (+5)-(+30) °C of temperature. It should be consumed within 12 months after the production date.

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