Cyanoacrylate Glue Activator Spray for Superglue

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When used together a superglue and D3 activator spray, bonding time is reduced to couple seconds, at an incredible 4000lb. the psi bonding strength which is nearly impossible to break.

Product Features:

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive activator
  • Works on all Cyanoacrylate adhesives to form a quick and permanent bond
  • Aerosol spray eliminates overlaps and spotty application caused by pump spray products
  • Achieves consistent curing every time


  •  Screen printing frame and mesh repair
  •  Automotive
  •  Light industrial assembly
  •  Quick repairs and maintenance

Other Product Notes: 

  • Bilingual label
  • 24-hour Emergency Number
  • No product dries faster than A-107


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