Screen Opener and Cleaner For Plastisol Inks

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  • Plastisol-Screen-Opener
$5.75 $7.19
D3-S07 Clear Screen Opener is designed to immediately remove dried plastisol ink from screens.

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If you are asking "How do I remove plastisol inks from screen". Plastisol doesn't just clean up with water. and if you would like to clean out all ink between colors (without damaging the stencil/screen ), the answer is our D3 Screen Opener and Cleaner For Plastisol Inks.

Product Features:
• Formulated for a safer work environment
• User-friendly product with pleasant fragrance
• Ideal for Plastisol inks
• Leaves no film
• Non-abrasive for a wide range of cleaning applications
• CA VOC Compliant

• Screen printing industry
• All-purpose cleaner for use on most

Other Product Notes:
• Bilingual label.
• 24-hour Emergency Number.
• No product is safer than S07.

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